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For those of you who don't know, I saw Disney's 50th animated movie, Tangled, yesterday in theaters, and it got me thinking about my favorite Disney songs of all time. So, I have compiled a list of my twenty favorite ones. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that they are simply my favorite ones - I'm not saying they're the best ones of all time. My favorite does not mean I think they're the best. I tried to keep it to only animated movies, but one exception had to be made! But please, enjoy :]

20. "When She Loved Me"
from Toy Story 2

19. "Once Upon a Dream"
from Sleeping Beauty

18. "Friend Like Me"
from Aladdin

17. "The Bare Necessities"
from The Jungle Book

16. "Hakuna Matata"
from The Lion King

15. "Beauty and the Beast"
from Beauty and the Beast

14. "Why Should I Worry?"
from Oliver & Company

13. "Cruella de Vil"
from 101 Dalmatians

12. "Bella Notte"
from Lady and the Tramp

11. "Part of Your World"
from The Little Mermaid

10. "You've Got a Friend in Me"
from Toy Story

9. "I'll Make a Man Out of You"
from Mulan

8. "Kiss the Girl"
from The Little Mermaid

7. "I See the Light"
from Tangled

6. "You'll Be in My Heart"
from Tarzan

5. "Go the Distance"
from Hercules

4. "Best of Friends"
from The Fox and the Hound

3. "So Close"
from Enchanted

2. "When You Wish Upon a Star"
from Pinocchio

1. "A Whole New World"
from Aladdin

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