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A Lovely Giveaway: Dreamstar Designs

Brilliant dress

The Brilliant Dreamstar Designs

Hi everyone! Today I'm SO excited to give you a great giveaway opportunity from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Dreamstar Designs! Dreamstar Designs boasts custom wire-wrapped and beaded designer jewelry - and they certainly deliver! Want to see a preview of some of my favorite pieces?

The Olive Green Drops earrings are right up my alley - sweet, with just a little sparkle! Such a pretty color. Aren't these piece so pretty? Now for a little bit about Dreamstar Designs. The seller, Kirsten, has been making jewelry for almost twelve years and the experience shows - Dreamstar Designs won first place in the "crystal" category of Bead Star Magazine's Contest in 2014!

Dreamstar Designs also offers "internet shows", sort of like at-home Pampered Chef or Avon parties. Any sponsor of an internet show with over $100 in sales also gets a free gift! Anyone interested in throwing their own Dreamstar Designs party can contact the seller through her Etsy profile page.

Another great thing about this company - if you see an item you love but you want it in a different color or size, Dreamstar Designs is more than willing to work with you to make the jewelry you dream of! "I love custom work," Kirsten says. "Weddings, proms, pageants, or just to match that certain outfit."

I love that despite all of the yelling to "be quiet" and the unwillingness to cooperate, all of my first cousins on my mom's side (there are 19 of us!) gathered together for a photo. Yes, it was a pain to get everyone settled down (the older kids more than the younger kids, haha), but the end result is a photo that I'll certainly treasure. I love each and every one of you; holidays are so much fun with you guys!

I LOVE the necklace my boyfriend bought me for Christmas! It's a tiny gold elephant, a vintage 1960s charm, and it's so dainty and sweet! I love how simple it is. Why did Gunnar buy me an elephant necklace? Well, when we first started dating I apparently had a dream that we were drinking tea when a tropical storm was raging outside and he gave me an elephant necklace. I think it's sweet that he remembered that. Oh, also: when I blow my nose I sound like a baby elephant.

I love these shoes I picked up at A'gaci in the Palisades Mall. The brand is Bamboo, and they cost me $25. I've been wanting a pair like this for quite some time. Also: check out my green tights. One of the three pairs of colored tights I got this Christmas! An excuse to buy more dresses? I think so.

I want to be healthier in the new year, so I decided to treat myself to some new produce. Yesterday I went to The Fresh Market (obsessed!) and bought some cactus pears (pictured above), kumquats, and mangoes. The cactus pear was very interesting. It tasted like a mix of watermelon and cucumber. The seeds were a little cumbersome, but I enjoyed this unique fruit!

I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new American Apparel bodysuit. I ordered it online a few days ago. I've been wanting one of these basics in my wardrobe for quite some time!

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