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Why shouldn't we celebrate life instead of burying it in the past?

Barbie dolls

Can someone please explain to me what's so great about Rodarte? Their fall/winter 2014 collection was ALL THE SAME! There were 6 basic looks (as pictured above): cold weather grey, warm weather grey, warm weather multi-coloured grey, woolly grey, cold weather black and warm weather multi-coloured black. And then, if it wasn't already monotonous enough, they made at least 4 almost identical outfits for each of these 6 looks!

It's not even that anything in this collection is particularly original

Their use of collage is interesting, but apart from being less frilly and not pink, it's essentially yet another incarnation of Michelle Jank's 2001 collection. I'm puzzled as to whether or not this stuff is actually intended to be worn, or if it's supposed to be a form of artistic expression.

As a progressive form or art, a la Hussein Chalayan, surely they could have presented it in a more conceptual way than on a runway. How much cooler was Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2014 collection where the models were set up like a game of chess?

Don't get me wrong, I GET experimental and artistic fashion, and I do find Rodarte somewhat cool (the fabrics from this collection look really interesting). But what's the big deal? Has everyone just jumped on the Anna Wintour bandwagon; because something is never fabulous unless she says so?

I'm completely convinced that Mulberry is part of a vast international conspiracy to persecute me with its beautiful things. Mulberry have now acquired a new instrument of torture: a clothing line. I'm making both of them... although I'm not quite sure where I can get my hands on fur pom-poms...

Check out these fabulous ultra-twee jackets

I've been wanting a pencil skirt with some kind of gathering at the front for ages now. I've been meaning to make something reminiscent of these Phillip Lim skirts from his Fall 2014 collection, but I could never be bothered making a proper pattern.

Then Gem and I saw this most amazing Vivienne Westwood dress at Dilettante. It's draped in the weirdest and complicated way that apparently there's only one guy in the shop who knows how to get it on (and unfortunately no way I can copy it)! I'm so grateful that I look heinous in copper and am not anorexic, otherwise I almost definitely would have murdered everyone in the shop to have it.

Memento Mori

I saw her last year on Enough Rope (when I was once again procrastinating from study). She makes memento mori, objects to remind us of our own mortality, out of animals that have died of natural causes. Her work is fascinating because there's such an interesting duality between the horrifying and the beautiful. I really love animals, so naturally I found her work pretty challenging at first, but she is actually far more respectful of animals than most of us. She's a vegetarian and when she dies her body is to be donated to the Institute of Plastination in Germany, so it can be preserved and exhibited to allow others to do to her body what she is doing to animal bodies.

Her work really makes you think about and our society's fear of death; death has become taboo in our society, when 200 years ago it was a far more accepted part of life. I was totally freaked out by her kitten rugs because I love cats so much, but then I realised that she's making something beautiful out of something that is dead.

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