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Your Personal Angel
Charismatic Doll

The 1st Dream Dolls by Steampunk Project

«The miracle of her birth and an origin of the universe, Eos searches for a key of changes in the antecedents. Eos has received the white hair as a result of mysterious incident in the childhood, but she does not remember anything... Her wanderings and searches of answers conduct all to new adventures.»

«Mechanical Eos angel flies through fields of electromagnetic ocean pulsations» — so has presented unique doll the Steam Punk Project. Each buyer of a charismatic doll aka Pullip will find pleasant additional accessories in the complete set: fairy wings, sun glasses and magic gun.

Angelic Dolls

Doll Angel
Futuristic Doll
Magic Doll
Unusual Doll

World circulation of a Dream Doll — only 2,000 copies. Each doll will be individually numbered.

VIA «Your Personal Angel»

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