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La figliastra (Storia di corna e di passione) (1976)
La figliastra
La figliastra
(Storia di corna e di passione)


A long time ago in Sicilia, there was a common, unwritten law that linked the hereditary rights to unequivocal demonstrations of virility. Because of that traditional law, a middle-age widower whose wife died without begetting him a child, is about to lose an inheritance of a large sum of money. The man marries again, with Nadia, an attractive woman with a daughter from her first marriage, Daniela. But time passes, and Nadia is not getting pregnant, either. Eventually, his beautiful stepdaughter will help him solve his problem.


Sonja Jeannine, Lucretia Love, Bruno Scipioni, Nino Terzo, Maristella Greco, Giuseppe Carbone, Nadia Valli, Franca Enotera, Gina Giuri
Romance, Drama, Adventure
Edoardo Mulargia

1970, adventure, Bruno Scipioni, drama, Italian, La figliastra, Lucretia Love, Movie, romance, and more:

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